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Homecoming 2022

***Parking ***

Event Details:

Saturday, October 30, 2022

Location: Manzano High School

Dance 8-11 

All tickets must be purchased by MHS Student and restricted to one type of ticket only. All students and Non-MHS students MUST provide a valid photo ID for entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Guest Permission forms must stop by Activities Office for Guest Form. for non-MHS students are due to the Activities Office NO LATER (NO EXCEPTIONS). (We do not know if APS will allow outside guests- more information to be provided) 


All Dance Rules: 


Manzano High School

Dance Rules for Students and Guests


  • Manzano students may bring only one (1) guest.  The MHS student who is bringing the guest is responsible for their guest’s behavior.


  • Manzano High School dances are for Manzano students and their dates only.  The dances are for those students in good standing. Any student who is suspended at the time of the dance or who withdrew from MHS not in good standing may not attend. 

  • All Manzano students must show ticket and school ID in order to be admitted to the dance.  No ID, No entrance! No refund! No exception! 

  • All non-Manzano HS dates must bring a photo ID to the dance.  This ID must be left with the ticket taker at the door upon entering the dance and will be released at the time of departure.  All non-Manzano guests must enter at the same time as their Manzano student who is responsible for them.

    • The following age restrictions apply:

      • No one over the age of twenty may attend an Manzano sponsored dance.

      • Guests must be at least in the ninth (9th) grade.

  • All Manzano students and their guests must abide by all Manzano and APS rules.

  • No backpacks are allowed into the dance. Purses and belongings may be searched.



  • The Homecoming and Prom are formal events.  Therefore, tuxedos/suits and formal dresses are appropriate attire.  

    • Denim pants, hats, and athletic wear (including tennis shoes) are not acceptable.  

    • Students should wear a collared dress shirt with tie and dress slacks, blazers, tuxedos, dresses, or pantsuits.  

    • Clothing must fit properly and must be in good taste. 

    • Those improperly attired will not be admitted to the dance and will not receive a refund for tickets purchased.



  • Manzano High School has a no tolerance policy toward the use of alcohol and drugs.  If a student or guest is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, they will be tested and may face school and legal consequences as well.  A Breathalyzer will be available for MHS administration to use if necessary. Random Breathalyzer tests may be given at the entrance.



  • Students should be aware of their behavior on the dance floor.  All dancing must be upright and appropriate. No twerking, grinding ,or other lewd or suggestive style of dance will be tolerated.  No inappropriate or outwardly suggestive dancing or moshing will be allowed. Any infractions of this policy will result in a warning and then dismissal from the dance.  If necessary, the dance may be stopped. There will be no refunds.



  • Students are to arrive at least one hour before the close of the dance.  Once admitted into the dance, students and guests are not allowed to “come and go.”  You are not allowed to leave to go to your car for forgotten items. Remember to bring those items with you when you enter.  Water and restrooms are available inside the dance area. You will not be readmitted if you leave the dance.



Ticket Purchase Info:

Pay using cash/check at Ticket Booth during lunch in the Activities Office during ticket sales week:


Ticket Sales : TBD



Valid MHS ID also required. 


***Ticket will NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR***


What you need for ENTRY:
YOU MUST bring your school/photo ID (and guest ID if applicable) for entrance into dance (NO EXCEPTIONS).

A Will Call list will be present to verify ticket purchase.



Event Rules/Guidelines

Dress and Dance Codes are STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Dress- Gentlemen: Jacket, dress shirt, and TIE. Ladies: Dress, or dressy pantsuit. DRESS SHOES. NO hats, jeans (of any kind) nor tennis shoes. Semi-Formal Attire.

Dance- Disobeying the following rules will result in immediate removal from the dance.
This will be your warning.
-No contact with any part of your body (Other than your feet with the floor).
-No grabbing of any sexual body parts.
-No imitating sex acts of any kind.

All school rules apply to all dances, here on campus, or any field dances.