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Current Events

Current Events are due for everyone at different times: use the following schedule to figure out when your current event is due for you. 


                 1st Period:                    3rd Period:         5th Period:           6th Period:         7th Period:

Round 1               A-J                      A-E                        A-F                   A-D                    A-D

Round 2               K-P                      F-N                       G-M                  E-L.                    E-L

Round 3               Q-Z                      O-Z                       N-Z                   M-Z                    M-Z




Current Even Instructions:

Weekly Current Event: 80 pts.


  1. Article summary: Your summary must include your article title, and must be at least one full paragraph. (Do not just copy your article, put it in your own words)


  1. Essential question: Write a paragraph answering the essential question: How does this event impact the world, the United States or New Mexico?


  1. Recall questions: Write three questions that could be answered by someone else who will read your article.


  1. Article vocabulary: Pick five vocabulary words from your article and define them using the context of the article. These five words need to be the more difficult words within your article. -25pts.
Week 1:

1. Bell Ringer #1: Why is it important to study religions in a World History class? What do you think are the 5 most commonly practiced religions in the world?



How Ganesha got his elephant head

2. Watch video and answer the following under Bell ringer #1 and title it as above:

  1. What does this video tell us about this religion?
  2. Write a few sentences, starting with the prompt: This reminds me of....


3. Hinduism notes off of Hinduism Video (Cornell Style)

How Lord Ganesha Got His Elephant Head
Week 2

For those of you that were absent Friday 8/30 we took notes off of the Buddhism video posted below.  Use the Buddhism Guided notes from the left side of page to complete these notes. 


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